Lost G!P
By ManduLimario
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"Are you still mine?" She asked "I'm sorry but I'm not happy anymore" She replied and swift away. The girl had been left behind and cry under the pouring rain, the thunder roar as if it conform on the girl's emotion. Lisa Manoban, a girl who takes the medicine field and has a girlfriend named, Jennie Kim who is a lawyer in the making. They're madly deeply inloved with each other since they step their feet on the ground of college. They say, Everybody knows how to love but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever but as the two take their path together, as they get mature and thought that it will be easier and will understand each other as the struggle comes, one of them fell out of love unexpectedly. As she look at her eyes, She couldn't see her as her future, as someone she needs when she's in pain, the someone she thought that will take her to church, someone she could no longer call "Mine" What would happen if the girl who's the source of your strength will leave you when you needed her the most? Would you take her back again or just let go of her and start a new journey without her?


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Lost G!P
by ManduLimario