How To Train Your D...
By JayTheNightFury
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(Weekend updates(probably)) "There were dragons when I was a boy. Some say they crawled back into the sea leaving not a bone or a fang to remember them. Others say they were nothing but folk tales to begin with. But maybe one day, a time may come where the dragons will return..." It's been thousands of years since the dragons have disappeared into the hidden world. Now they're back, but they're back to unfriendly again. Dragons have been attacking cities for over seven years, humans fighting dragons constantly with mechas every time they attack. Restrained from fighting dragons and then thrown into a battle training school once viewed extremely effective, Henry Haddock endeavors to prove he has the strength and skills to fight dragons. But when he befriends a dragon he injured, he understands a chance to show the world a new future. -I do not own anything owned by Dreamworks-


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How To Tr...
by JayTheNightFury