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(This is Seductive Vibrations from Jacksons point, the books are edited so wording and scenes will be different) Jackson comes home from a mission, feeling like he needs to stop and get back to reality. His brother invited him to a party, as moral support for when he makes his move and kisses the woman he likes. Only none of them realise, Jackson is the one that would end up kissing her that night, and soon Jackson finds himself falling for Alena as she proves to him she can be what he needs. His business should have made her run from him, instead it has her running into his arms, which only makes him want her more. However, they each a past, one that is not so easy to accept and move on from. The book focuses on a BDSM relationship, that slowly builds, as Alena realises her word is changing, Jackson realises that he can't ignore the navy and not go on his mission. How will they cope now they have to separate and put is life on the line?

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