Moon Lovers: The Fa...
By komal2016
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🏆 Award winning book! (A Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fanfiction) Won Haejin leads a simple life. She is clear from romantic relationships, confines only on her best friend Jang Hena and day dreams about her favourite korean drama. Set in Goryeo Era, Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a drama that stirs the emotions of its viewers. Filled with conspiracy theories, deaths and heartbreaks, it leaves a huge emotional turmoil on its viewers. Unable to handle the emotional turmoil, all Haejin wants is a chance to change things in the drama. Luckily, universe provides her a chance but with its own rule and if the rule gets broken then she'll have to spend the eternity in the drama. Surrounded by charming princes, Haejin finds herself paralyzed and confused. Will she be able to complete the task or end up revealing a bigger mystery? _______________________________________________ Review Quote: The Fate Changers is not just an entertaining and compulsive read but incredibly immersive. The characterisation is brilliant and non cliché. It is a hearty delight for all those seeking a good Korean drama fanfic. This ought to satisfy all your deepest fantasies, no innuendo intended. -By SweetTalk Reviews @harlowwinters _______________________________________________ New chapter every Saturday!

Moon Lovers The Fate Changers

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Moon Love...
by komal2016