The 100: Journey to...
By crownedrevival
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100 students are sent to Hogwarts. Many have secrets of their own. Clarke Griffin: Intelligent, Determined, and Witty. Her parents were of many killed by the infamous Dark Lord himself. Bellamy Blake: Brave, Charismatic, and Intimidating. He would do anything to protect his sister Octavia; even if that includes sneaking on the Hogwarts Express. Octavia Blake: Beautiful, Charming, and Dark. Pain and sorrow will weigh a heavy burden on Octavia, who has always been protected by her brother. Their mom was killed by the Dark Lord as well. Wells Jaha: Leader, Loyal, and In Love. Wells didn't hesitate when he learned Clarke Griffin was being sent to Hogwarts. He would do anything for the love of his life. She loved him too, at one time. That was until he ratted out her parents' whereabouts to the Dark Lord, which ended with their deaths. Now her eyes sear with hatred when she just hears his name. Why would he do such a thing? Or did he do it at all? -- This is a The 100/Harry Potter mashup. Things from each program will be in this. All rights for original stories go to Kass Morgan and J.K Rowling. Enjoy! (((NOTE: THIS IS MORE THE 100 THAN HOGWARTS BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HARRY POTTER AS WELL. PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK ME FOR ERRORS AND THINGS THAT DO NOT MAKE SENSE I AM SENSITIVE)))

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The 100:...
by crownedrevival