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By clemshere
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What? You're addicted to what? Do you know what that means? Are you a crazy perveted girl? Yeah, that's just me! Mrs. Chatroulette, an 18 year old French girl, at her last year in highschool, not needing alcohol to drive her crazy. My best friend Antoine always complains about me being cocky but then he just shut the hell up when I asked him what he would feel like if I said he was "Titty" all the time. A.N: This is a humour story based on real conversations and situations. 98% of the facts are true, I'm saying that because I want you to dive in this story and try to tell which facts do you think are real and which are a fruit of my imagination. Well I bet you won't be able to, but you still can give it a try ;)

My Chatroulette Adventures

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My Chatro...
by clemshere