All The Things She...
By funtom_bunny
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The cold night air made Marinette shiver and cuddle into the red scarf that wrapped around her neck. She looked at the bright lights of Paris, of her city. A city of love. A city of light and happiness. Yet she had none. She clenched the charm Adrien had given her what felt like so long ago. He was all that was left. Everyone had left her. Her parents were disappointed in her. Her friends were angry. She heard the flapping wings of an Akuma and closed her eyes. She didn't try to stop it from taking over the charm in her hand, dark energy spreading through the trinket as his voice calmly entered her mind. As she uttered the words she was sure she would never say, she held the lucky charm close and listened to her thoughts as she lost control. Adrien and Chat. Adrien and Chat. That was all that was left. And then Marinette Dupan Cheng fell- no, she flew- off the edge of the Eiffel Tower to reveal her akumatized form. It all came in a rush that surprised even Hawkmoth because at that moment she felt every negative emotion, everything she was ever angry about came through her mind, powering her body. It was everything. It was all the things. It was all the things she felt. A few curse words, so be wary! JEEZ #1 IN AKUMATIZEDMARINETTE (3-19-20) WTF? THANK YOU SM THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME! ... and then 1k views (3-28-20) ya'll are actually amazing le cry IF YOU ARE READING THIS STORY ON ANY OTHER PLATFORM BESIDES WATTPAD YOU ARE VERY LIKELY TO BE AT RISK OF A MALWARE ATTACK. IF YOU WISH TO READ THIS STORY IN IT'S SAFE, ORIGINAL FORM, PLEASE GO TO Thank you Unless I say so, I own none of the amazing artwork in this book sequel coming!

Queen Bitch

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All The T...
by funtom_bunny