The Royal Life
By Ellie_G_
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Princess Blaire is the princess of Auradon and the younger sister of the soon to be king, prince Ben, meaning that she's king Adam and queen Belle's daughter. Unlike her brother, she's a clever and witty person. She knows about everyone on the Isle and how their mind works. After all she's the heir to govern the Isle of lost and has to know every trick they have in their sleeves. Mitchell/Mitch is the "son" of maleficent and the younger brother of Mal. He's a bad and cruel guy. He has done unlimited crimes with his sister and most of them are just to please his "mother". He had done a lot of things people would be scared to even think of. So what happens when Blaire's brother Ben invite them to Auradon? And most importantly, what if Mark isn't actually Maleficent's son?


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The Royal...
by Ellie_G_