Haven For Us
By elyackerman
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That thing that everyone thinks they want, thinks they could love, thinks that they could even kill for. I've got it. And let me tell you, I'd give it away in a heartbeat. I don't think I was born to be watched all the time. I wasn't meant to have so many people's adoration and to be built up as if I'm perfect. I'm not. No one is but I'm definitely not. Neither are you but at least you know that. You're okay with it. You're so much more than me - or anyone else for that matter. I almost couldn't admit it to myself. I want you. You may be my absolute opposite and you may hate fake people like me but it doesn't matter, because I know the type of person you are too. Mercy Masterson has graced the covers of magazines since she was a kid. You really can't go anywhere without hearing her name in the mouths of her adoring fans or on the radio. Notoriety and wealth are both at her fingertips. She never asked for it though. With the help of her strict and imposing "momager," her status has been achieved through sacrifice. Never in her life has she known true friendship, satisfaction, freedom and definitely not love of any kind. Heidi Kayano is kind of an outcast. She knows that social media is a cesspool and hates everything that people like Mercy stand for. After a chance encounter with her, Heidi is just proven right that people like Mercy are spoiled elitists and selfish good for nothings. But is that truly who Mercy is, or is she simply painted into the picture of privilege with no escape? As Mercy makes it her mission to prove to Heidi that she isn't just shining plastic, doing as she's told, she realizes what it means to develop feelings for someone when status is not a factor and how right love can feel when it isn't forced on you with the stroke of a pen along a dotted line.

Haven For Us

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Haven For...
by elyackerman