Omega & Alpha
By noahsky
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  • omega
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  • strongfemalelead
  • submissive
  • traditional
  • werewolf


*This story is also posted on my account dreame* Future alpha Iven of Rustic pack is Slowly losing her paitence and mental stability while desperately looking for her mate. Determined to over come anyone and everyone's judgement of her, She knows deep down that her place is at the head of the pack. With a strong mate at her side to help lead she has no doubt with time she will succeed. Proud of her strong female status she's just sure her mate will be able to handle all she has to give. Many trials and heart ache may come before she learns to love who the moon goddess decided to bless her with. -WILL BE 18+STORY -SUGGESTIONS AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS WELCOMED - PLEASE REVIEW AND STAR IF YOU ENJOY MY STORY

My Bright future

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Omega &am...
by noahsky