Ineffable Lovers
By EmmaLove0407
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One shots for those who are absolutely obsessed and in love with the idea of our favourite angel and demon finally admitting their feelings for each other. And some snippets of history between them, of course. *WARNING* There will be smut and some dirty stuff. If you're not comfortable with sex, or anything smutty whatsoever, I would skip some of the chapters. **There will be SOME chapters that are clean. I just enjoy writing smut most of the time, some ideas that I come up with randomly. I just don't have the time or the patience to write a whole novel on these ideas.** I'm a practicing writer, so if I somehow convince myself to publish this, there will be very slow updates (if I ever decide to update at all). So just bear with me, this is just a hobby and somewhere for my dirty thoughts to go. *DISCLAIMER* I don't own Good Omens or the characters that were lovingly written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett. THIS is just my interpretation of them. Any fan art showcased throughout the story is not mine, credit goes to the respective artists. These pieces can be found on Instagram, please don't give me any credit for any fan art, I'm absolutely terrible at art. But if you find any of it on Instagram, make sure to praise them and show them some love. (Also I am not a gay man, nor am I an entirely straight woman, but I've only had sex with men so I base these sexcapades from my experience having hetero sex. It won't be the same, probably.) ~~Regardless, please do enjoy these little snippets of Crowley and Aziraphale being the ineffable husbands that they are~~

Six Thousand Years

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