In love with anothe...
By Midunighto
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I was just gonna be a normal girl. A Normal Human Being But That's What I Used To Thought About Me Until I Found Out I Wasn't Even Close To Normal Nor A Human Being I Found Out That.... "I A M J U S T A N O T H E R N I G H T M A R E" But Being One... Was The One That Led Me To.... "L O V E A N O T H E R N I G H T M A R E" Alright As Cliché as These Words May sound, I hope you like the Story As I Own The Story and Plot. I Don't Own (Y/N) because that's you. I don't own any of the Sanses in this Story, All Sanses belong to their Owners as I Own Midnight. Riachunami owns Ria, and Meettme owns Shire.

Author's Note

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In love w...
by Midunighto