Passion Of Love
By cutie_pixie123
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Cover credit : @VELLIGal πŸ’•πŸ’• 'And you know what? That woman succeeded in ruining me to some extent. Do you know how? She fixed my marriage with you when I was strictly against it! And now I have to bear you.' That was it, the last drop of faith that Maya tried to contain within herself was blown away. Those words hit her so hard that she found it very difficult to even breathe. All her sorrow and pain flowed down from those soft black orbs that once used to shine bright, faded to darkness. ********************** Billa is an international business tycoon.. Also the emperor of underworld. Maya is a simple town girl from India.... Both have their own past...One who's born out of it and one who runs away from it. Fate brings them together binding them with the ties of marriage. Maya loves billa.. But Billa is the master of wrath.. Neither he gives or accepts love. Will Maya ever be able to melt the stone hearted criminal? ... Will Billa ever accept Maya as his own..? .. Will fate bring their souls together? Guys.. Here I am with my own imaginations of the story Billa... Forgive my mistakes please if any.. Because I am very new at this.. Hope you guys like it😁😁😁.. Do give suggestions A fictional story based on the movie Billa (First Draft) ******* 'Trust no one Kill Anyone Be only one' -Billa

The Meet

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Passion O...
by cutie_pixie123