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This is a story where Tony meets Peter through the Internship and not him being Spider-Man. Don't worry though, he's still Spider-Man. Spidey-Pool and Tony and Peter fluff. (IronDad not starker, I'm not a monster) #3 on Spider-Man!!!!! 27-7-19 OMG #3 on SpiderMan!!!!! 27-7-19 OMG 1k READS 6-7-19 OMG 2k READS on 8-7-19 3k Reads on 9-7-19 YAY 5k reads on 14-7-19 Thank you :) 6k reads on 15-7-19 :)))) 7k reads on 17-7-19 :-) 8k reads on 18-7-19 9k reads on 19-7-19 WE ALMOST THERE :))) 10k reads on 19-7-19 TEN K THANKS SO MUCH! 12k reads on 20-7-19 14k reads on 22-7-19 :) 21k reads on 25-7-19 :))) 25k reads on 27-7-19 jdjxjjffjffnbcghfhg OMG IGN 30k reads on 29-7-19 hdhfidhdkxbdh THANK YOU 39k reads on 2-8-19 jejdjdjx 46k reads on 5-8-19 sjjdjdb :) so close to 50k!! 50k READS ON 7-8-19 YAYA #1 on IRONMAN 12-7-19 OMG OMG OMG #2 on SpiderMan 17-7-19 THANKS I'm kind of making it up as I go, taking things from here or there. If I use a part of a story or get inspired from someone else, I will give credit but I can't say that my story won't be similar to others. I mean, come on, they are all basically the same in the end. But yeah Thanks for reading this too-long thing. Enjoy :)


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