Deus Ex Diluvium (R...
By Coldwintersnight
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At the end of the world, where is there left to run? It doesn't matter, Brendon claims, as long as you keep running. Run, like Ryan, who never made much of the life he had and didn't care much about losing it, but runs anyway. Run, like Brendon, a pseudo-philosopher who just wants to feel free, but is haunted by disturbing dreams. Through unlikely coincidences, they become two of the only people to survive a wave which decimated their city. Now they must face the world alone. Brendon's dreams grow more vivid as the flood closes in. Author's note: So, obviously the main characters are based off the lads from p!atd but I feel like I should say that I don't ship them anymore, because I've stopped shipping real people in general. So I view them as just having the same first names but you can picture whoever you want.

The Tree

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Deus Ex D...
by Coldwintersnight