Dusk till Dawn {Bul...
By princesshayiffos
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Getting stuck in a book is one thing, finding your way back home is another. But not until they find a missing set of people, then they can make it home. If they make it... *** After Alice and her friends, Matthew, Alex, Asher and Drew, ended up in the magical realm through a mysterious book, they set out for home, not until they find Aunt Mary, the missing flower sisters and pebbles. Together, they travel through the magical city, ride mystical beast, solve riddles and rhymes. With the help of new friends and new secrets they shall find. And soon they realised that their quest doesn't end until they help those they would leave behind. Their journey starts here, the home of the Rascals and the Royals. Welcome to Bulio, were everyone is neither a villain nor a hero. Book #2 of the Dusk till Dawn series­čŹ╗


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Dusk till...
by princesshayiffos