The Chaos with us
By lilainahinz
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What I'm known to create is chaos. And I'll admit ... I'm pretty damn good at it. My name is Shaw Kingsley and I'm the mean girl in this story. I wasn't always mean though, I was good once, shy even. But then a boy who meant the world to me broke me. He shattered my heart and didn't leave any pieces behind. He left me cold and damaged. So I became everything we once hated. Miss popular. Cheerleader captain. Rich bitch. But then Remington Knight decides to show up out of nowhere our senior year of high school. He came back without a warning just like the way he left. Remy thinks he owns the goddamn world. He thinks he's better than us. His cruelty and hate is nothing like the boy I once knew. He hates me. But yet he couldn't seem to leave me the hell alone. But no matter what happens we can't stay away from each other. Which was a very bad thing, because when we are around each other ... it was chaos.

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The Chaos...
by lilainahinz