Incidental Cougar
By Sumskees
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Find Gavin here 😍 Gavin was in love, Sadie was in denial. He was too young, too jealous, too possessive... but Sadie was in too deep. Book 1 of 6. ✔️ Contains cursing & smut/ steamy scenes (not explicit) Gavin, a New Yorker who used the f*bomb as a noun, adjective, and verb, had transferred to San Diego to finish off college and escape the painful past that New York never failed to remind him of. Sadie had moved to San Diego to stay close to her college freshman son Grant. She was content with being single and focusing on her career, that is until Gavin showed up at her front door. She knew better. Whatever this thing was between them needed to come and go- just a few nights of fun and then it'd be over. There was just too much risk involved. Only Gavin had no intention of letting her go. She was more than just another one night stand. In fact, he'd never felt this way about anyone before and he wasn't about to give her up. This is Sadie & Gavin's love story, Book 1 of 6. #Savin ✔️ Completed July 2019. ⭐️Thanks for reading, voting, and commenting!! 📕Paperback and Ebook Ad-Free & edited available on: Amazon, B&N Nook, and Apple Books.📕 © 2019 Summer Leigh All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.


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by Sumskees