Bribery and Contrab...
By devonnashty
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Tawney "The Temptress" Ripley was born in 1653 Jamaica. The golden age of the pirates. Now twenty, and being a pirate herself, she is one of the most wanted, and has a heavy bounty on her head. But, her crew is as loyal as it comes...for pirates. But something from her past is chasing her, either lurking in the corners of her mind, or hiding in the shadows just around the's bound to catch up with her. But The Temptress has other plans, death defying adventure awaits...will you join the crew of The Mist and find out? Come aboard, if you dare. Might publish a couple chapters to test the waters (pun-intended) Original plan was to publish complete. //all rights reserved. All quotes are cited// I will try to make everything as historically accurate as possible. If you happen to find a mistake in the timelines, please tell me. ⚠️contains controversial topics⚠️ ⚠️may be triggering to some audiences⚠️


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Bribery a...
by devonnashty