Empowered (ON HOLD)
By yabookprincess
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Kimberly didn't plan on getting attached to anyone but it was hard not to like Miles Anderson. *** Kimberly Montrose was a mean girl. A bully. A bitch with an ego the size of Burj Khalifa. She loved only herself and no one else. Her identity was clear when she was attending Bermuda Boarding School. But who was she in the real world? Moving to Toronto, she embraced the idea of having a fresh start and figuring out what she truly wanted. She didn't think she'd run into an old fling and his friends on her first night out. Slowly but surely, Kimberly found that she needed friends whether she liked it or not. She wanted friends. Wanted to be loved. Maybe this time, she'll let her guard down and actually let someone love her without hurting them first. But could Kimberly find a way to love someone other than herself? *description might change as the story goes on and I figure out where this is all going* Class of Bermuda #2


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by yabookprincess