A Charlie Foxtrot
By pack97
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"I'll be leaving for five days," Gideon says from across the room. "I expect you packed up and ready to leave by the time I get here. You are to come stay with me." "I'm fine where I am thanks," I say and sarcastically smile at him. "I won't have you away from me," he crosses his arms. "You seemed fine with it before I knew what we were. How is now any different?" "Now, I have come to my senses. You have five days to come to yours. I suggest you make your peace." "You can't just take me from my father and brother!" I yell at him. "Maybe get to know a girl a little bit before you force her to live with you." "I do not tolerate you raising your voice at me," he growls menacingly. "I don't give a rats ass what you do and do not tolerate! I don't tolerate jackasses, so if I have to be accommodating to you then maybe you should learn to be accommodating to me." "You have five days Eleanora Yost. Five days," he says then walks out the front door. ///// As the daughter of one of the most powerful humans generals, Eleanora Yost was no stranger to wartime conflict and testosterone filled soldiers. What she was not accustomed to, however, was a dominating wolf who both demanded much of her yet desired so little. Gideon Clarke didn't desire to find his mate - especially when his mate came in the form of a seventeen year old human. Join these two as the wade through their myriad of issues and find out just what happens when you pull your head out of your ass. ///// I tried not to make this a cliche werewolf story, but that's what all the cliche werewolf story authors say. Oh well. Plz enjoy and plz don't steal because this has been a three years and counting labor of love. This description is long I'm sorry I hate me too.

Chapter One - Time of Peace

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A Charlie...
by pack97