It Must Have Been T...
By Trixya_Shlyukha
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Katya is the 23 year old painter who has a haunting past. Trixie is the 21 year old anxiety filled girl with the broken will to live. They live in the same apartment complex. What happens when two broken girls meet while doing laundry? A friendship and bond forms. But both have secrets that keep them from fighting for a better life. Both have hangups that they think are too big to be forgiven. Or Katya fears for Trixie and wants to make her happy in anyway that she can. Trixie locks herself away from Katya, mentally and emotionally. It is enough to stop Katya from fighting to show Trixie how beautiful she really is? There are mentions of abuse, self-esteem issues, self-hate, self-harm, body shaming, and drug abuse in this story. I do not own any of these lovely charactersđź’•đź’•This song is based off of the song Must have been the wind by Alec Benjamin. (Completed story)

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It Must H...
by Trixya_Shlyukha