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(completedâś…) "Life will not be normal after he is snatched away," she said. "But still... You gotta be strong," Anna said. "It never was normal... Even with him here," I said. We were sisters... Always and forever. It feels a million miles away at present as we snug up next to each other pretending that we don't miss each other. We sit side by side with aching hearts. We were the perfect high school stereotypes- Adam, the playboy; Anna the nerd; Emmet the best guy; and yet me, the glorious foodie. All of us are settled now. Mr. Adam Hansen, is a very successful architect. Mrs. Annalise Hansen, the meant to be, is now a very well known CEO of her business and also a world known speaker. Mr. Emmet Peterson, is now a multi-trillionaire. And yet there is me, still that girl from the past as we recall. The girl that was goofy, clumsy, foodie yer charmed a couple of hearts. I was enchanting... Love is a great thing, it binds us together as well as make us vulnerable. And that is what we were. The main four. ::::::::::: This cannot be read as a stand alone. These characters belong to my 'The Cole Sisters '... You need to read it first to understand these characters. If you love cheesy romance, walk through this with laughing or crying. Mistakes to be tolerated. Hope it impresses you! Plagiarism is a crime! On that note, have a great day...


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The Cole...
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