The Last Healer.
By dboulton83
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Film star looks, Wealthy land owner, Famous explorer. Forty five year old Lord Paul Henry has it all. Well almost! For he is also a widow, a recluse in his village, and a broken man. His one and only wife Annabelle Henry, carrying their first precious child and heir to his family name, died in childbirth. He hides alone behind the gates of the grand Alverley hall. The only peace he can find is when he is off, on his expeditions to the worlds remotest places. He explores treacherous mountains, lonely deserts, and deadly jungles, searching for anything from lost ruins to new species of plants and animals. His latest mission is into the deepest yet uncharted part of the Amazon jungle, its an area roughly the size of Austria!!!! And it will change his life forever. Dropped into the abyss with a months supply of food and equipment, tragedy strikes. With no help for hundreds of miles in every direction, he is in grave danger. But just as all hope is lost, he is found by a mysterious long lost tribe, uncivilised to the world. They have never seen a white skinned man, let alone his unusual clothes and equipment. Indecisively the tribe agree to carry him back to their hidden village. Curiosity strikes every member young and old. Who is he? What is he? Is he a fallen god? Unconscious he is nursed back to health by a remarkably gifted ten year old girl called Ixcell, and her grandmother. A bond is reached between the tribe and the strange man, both will learn from each other, things that will amaze them, and change the outlook of their worlds. This tribe also hide a secret that they have held for five hundred years. But yet more disasters are around the corner, that threaten the safety of the tribe. Lord Paul Henry will have to use all his knowledge for survival to get him self and this young girl out of the jungle. Its now up to him to return the favour. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

#1 The same dream

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The Last...
by dboulton83