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By salty_mermaid
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The third book in the Dramione/Blinny Veela series! This book follows the Malfoy and Zabini children after the stories Loving You and Forever & Always, and I highly recommend reading those before starting this one! Soon enough they were making their way through the castle and entered the bright Great Hall. Cassie grinned; it was exactly as her mum had described. She loved the candles floating above the ceiling, noticing that it mirrored the night sky. Maybe she could convince her parents to do the same enchantments on her own room back at home. The group of first years stopped in front of the main table and the group began to murmur amongst each other as the Sorting Hat was brought out by one of the professors. "I'm so nervous," Connor whispered from next to Cassie. "Don't be, the Hat is going to put you in the right house!" Cassie said reassuringly before looking towards the Hat. She didn't want to admit it, but she was also nervous. Truthfully, she didn't care which house she ended up in. She just didn't want to be separated from Nathan and Sera, and she tried to ignore the feeling in the pit of her stomach that was steadily growing with each minute. Mostly original characters, some belonging to JK Rowling! Happy reading!

Ch. 1

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by salty_mermaid