Suit & Tie
By miki-mendes
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Shawn Mendes. 24years old. CEO. Self-proclaimed millionaire. He's New York's most eligible bachelor. Every man and woman within one hundred miles know his name. But no one recalled knows Shawn. Norah Wilson. 21 years old. Fashion intern. Self-proclaimed mess. She moved from a small town in North Carolina to pursue her dream in the fashion world. After graduating from NYU, she gets an internship at vogue.Now she's trying to establish herself. Two worlds are going to collide and these two people are not ready for it. ALL RIGHTS GO TO XCALLIEX FOR BEING THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THIS STORY. WHICH WAS FIRST A HARRY STYLES AU FANFIC. I DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY. THE STORY IS REWRITTEN AS A SHAWN MENDES VERISON. I WAS GIVEN PERMISSION TO WRITE THIS, FROM THE AUTHOR. ALSO REPOSTED AS HARRYS_ROSE_TATTOO AS A HARRY STYLES FANFIC

Chapter 1- Cooling coffee & failed attempts

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Suit &...
by miki-mendes