Happier|| A Lukanet...
By Miss_lovley_me
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A MIRACULOUS LADYBUG FAN FICTION "I can't deal with this anymore!" The blonde cried out. "Then you won't! We're through!" The bluenette yelled back, throwing her necklace to the ground. "She'll be back." Adrien thought as she walked off. "She always does. There is no way we can actually be over. Right?" •••• Marinette was done. With telling him, of arguing, of him. She thought her dreams came true when she started to date the famous model. Thrilled when she learned that Chat Noir was Adrien Agreste. She thought her life was complete. That she would one day marry him and live happily ever after. It never occurred to her that she could be wrong. A voice would whisper in the back of her head, but she would always shrug it off. Tikki wanted to support her friend, she did. But there was only so much time they had left. Before eventually the two heroes would have to face HawkMoth. She went to one of her best friends. One that would understand the situation. One that would understand her. And that friend was Luka. She trusted him. More then anyone. More then herself. More then Adrien. •••• DISCLAIMER: I don't own the song, story, or characters. They belong to the creature. I simply own the plot. I don't own the art of the cover either, full credit to the creator.


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by Miss_lovley_me