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The curtain around the hospital bed slides open to reveal an African American man with warm eyes. He walks in with an easy smile and a white man steps in just behind him with dark blue eyes and near black brown waves that fall to his shoulders. The man behind him catches my eye, his eyes a bright blue with a crown of golden hair. Our eyes meet and his crystal blue ones widen. Déjà vu hits me like a truck and my mind bounces back to a fuzzy night a couple of months ago full of hard liquor. While I can't remember many things from that night, I do remember those blue eyes vividly. My lips pop open and a blush tints my cheeks as well as his. Oh, Jesus, I had a one-night stand with Captain America. Reagan Monroe was born with a gift she never wanted and hates to use now. She's isolated herself, but since life is relatively shit, trouble still manages to find her. After defending a kid from some goons, a certain group of superheroes finds her and it turns out she already knows one of them. And not in the most flattering of ways. *I DO NOT OWN THE AVENGERS OR MARVEL IN ANY WAY. ONLY THE CHARACTERS AND SITUATIONS I CREATE*

Chapter One-Defense

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by kensy_lane