Hues Of Dusk
By Snehalghuge13
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"Do you still hate me?" "Why shouldn't I?" What would you do if your childhood arch-nemesis was back and going to the same college as you? Would you fight back or stay off his radar? Tag along to find out how Sandhya handles the situation with the help of her friends who happen to be her bully's friends too and how far she can go for the people close to her. This is an Indian Slice of Life/Romantic Comedy full of humour, fun, twists, love, hate, jealousy, all the emotions you can think of and a lot of drama. So sit back, relax and join the fun ♥️ [ **This is a slow burn novel** ] [ **Please read Author's note for more information** ] Status :- Completed Available on Wattpad till 10th July, 2020. ⚠️ NO PLAGIARISM ⚠️ 🚨 ALL OF MY WORKS ARE COPYRIGHTED 🚨 ©SnehalGhuge2019


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Hues Of D...
by Snehalghuge13