The Man She Betrayed
By mahumwrites
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Is it fair to let a mistake define a person? .......... "Miss...?" he assessed my face with his calculative eyes, waiting for me to tell him my surname. The file was in front of him but he didn't bother to look into it. He wanted to hear it from my mouth, as if he wanted me to feel the guilt reverberating through each cell of my body. "Clara." I said, lowering my head so that I won't have to look into his eyes. "Clara Vincent?" he asked in a serious tone, his piercing gaze boring hole in my forehead. "Avery. Clara Avery!" I said, my voice thickened with guilt and embarassment. .......... Just when Clara Avery thought she was able to left her past behind, destiny brings her back to the place from where she started. Six years after she broke Aaron Vincent's heart, she is forced to work with him but after what she did to him, would she ever be able to look into his eyes? #1 in Young Adult (4/9/2019) #14 in Romance (20/1/2019)


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The Man S...
by mahumwrites