It's A Slaves World
By AshleyM101
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A nameless girl on an unknown world struggles with her life. A rich house filled with politics and maneuvering has ruined the lives of most everyone inside. Can star crossed lovers find each other again if they don't know the other is alive? I was crammed into a cage in the back of a wagon, my hands bound securely to the iron bars that burned in the heat of the sun. Trying to ignore the jostling of the cart, I looked in awe at the house of my new owner. A gorgeous manor set against a mountainside expanded to fill my vision and overwhelm my senses. The sun rising just over the peak of the mountain lit up the manor that I should be seeing as yet another prison and made it look like a divine paradise. Looking at such a sight I could almost forget that I am a slave that has been bought and paid for by whoever owned it. I could close my eyes and see myself lounging in the vast gardens rather than running back and forward fetching drinks for the abusive master and his wretched wife. Opening my eyes again I found myself back in reality, cooking in the open sunlight, getting chaffed by rope around my wrists and exchanging sweat with about a dozen other slaves that were sharing the wagon with me.

Chapter 1

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It's A Sl...
by AshleyM101