Forbidden (How to T...
By T-Night
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Hiccup Haddock III. The chief of Berk, and destined to become united with Camicazi, the girl of every Viking's dreams. Well, every Viking except Hiccup. He's been searching for something more, and he just knows it's out there, but little did he know it was closer than it seemed, perhaps right in front of him. Fearless Astrid Hofferson. The princess of Tesalinia and betrothed to Prince Kortus of Olyon. She hates everything about her life, down to the fancy silverware placed in front of her at her meals. She has become quite fond of observing the humans and their freedom, though she knows she can never be that free. Unless there is a way. One day will change both their fates and bring the two kingdoms to the brink of something far more dangerous than either could have imagined. Author's Note: This comes after How to Train Your Dragon 2, but everything has still happened except instead of Astrid it was Camicazi and minus the kissing, because Hiccup doesn't share her feelings.


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by T-Night