The Space Between
By romimoondi
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The following series idea made the top ten of a pitch competition for CBC Gem, a streaming service in Canada! Here's a quick summary of my pitch, and I've posted the first part that's been submitted in the next round of judging; hope you enjoy it! Pitch summary: "'The Space Between' is a series about a disenchanted life interrupted by a chance encounter. An encounter that will end in approximately 12 hours. Call it Murphy's Law, or call it "the universe is a sadistic embittered wretch," but when Nisha meets Charlie at the rooftop of the swanky Thompson hotel in Toronto, the countdown to goodbye has already begun. This series is both the thrill and the agony of meeting your soul mate, since it happens in a timeline that is truly cruel. Why must tourism visas expire? Why do flights have to be so exact and non-refundable? All important questions for the downtrodden soul mate...

Part 1

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The Space...
by romimoondi