The summer we turne...
By xbeautifulphrasesx
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Harlee Ramirez and James Whitmire have been best friends since they were nine years old. Harlee is bold and brazen, while James is shy and reserved. In some cases, such opposite personalities may repel, but not in theirs. Their differences make the dynamic of their friendship special. So special, Harlee always believed they were untouchable, unbreakable, and that no one could come between them. But the month before Harlee and James' thirteenth birthdays, James proves otherwise when he ends their friendship, without even giving Harlee so much as an explanation. Harlee is hurt, confused, and angry, that James could just throw their friendship away like that. Regardless, Harlee is relentless and not willing to take this lying down. She will do anything it takes to win back her best friend. But as she tries to, she begins to wonder if their friendship is even worth saving or if growing up really does mean growing apart. Copyright 2019 © Kayla Maria Reviews: "The last time I was addicted to a book was Percy Jackson, but then you blew my mind." @Lymtless "Your book needs to win a Newberry medal. I can't stop raving about how beautifully you write and how awesome your book is. You're a gifted writer who will go a long way. My head is reeling in joy right now." @MissSo-called "I cannot describe how much I love this story! I laughed and I cried so darn much! It teaches important lessons beautifully! This book is a masterpiece! Seriously my favorite book of all time! " @15thsoccergirl "Your book is a must-read for everyone - even adults. There is something to be learned from every chapter." @Ife_bohdey "This was one of the best books on Wattpad that I have ever read. This was a wonderful adventure for me and I'm definitely going to recommend it to my followers." @Lumna10 "I have never read anything like it. The story taught me so much. And the characters have a special place in my heart." @varchieshipperxo

The summer we turned thirteen (Prologue)

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The summe...
by xbeautifulphrasesx