Our Eyes... (TomTor...
By Lybertee32
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(This is based off of a dream I had!) (Also this is more of like magical powers and things like that-) If you have green eyes you're normal If you have brown eyes you're a wolf If you have blue eyes you're a witch/wizard But if you have silver eyes... you're hunted... Silver Eyes were known to not exist anymore and some even called them Myths... Edd is a normal but he doesn't know Tom or Matt yet... Tom is a wolf even though you can't truly see his eye color... (he has a backstory that will be explained) Matt is a wizard (not the weird ones with the robes and pointy hats- I'm talking about cool wizards like End Game wizards-) Him and Tom are together- (not relationship wise XD) Tord has Silver eyes... he's a runner who stills food and always has his hoodie up... (If I say anything else I'll just ruin it so just read the goddamn book-) Art credit: Peachewi Additions done to cover were by me-

Chapter 1

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Our Eyes...
by Lybertee32