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In a far away land covered with sand and the biggest country the world has ever seen. The Sultan is ruthless and hateful to those who go against him. He had climbed up from the dirt and created his country from small origins. The country had started in a little patch of sand in the east but because of a war they had to go west. It was his nemesis of the kingdom Mamoria who made him leave his beloved country.. but after they grew bigger and bigger in the west they grew fear in the hearts of other kingdoms. they were a threat and the king of Mamoria wanted to deal with them for the last time. But he was too naive, he underestimated the power of his enemies. The Sultan destroyed Mamoria like the king of Mamoria destroyed his country once. He took the survivors to his own country to work for him and he sent the King away to suffer because of his defeat. Little Keith was taken as well. he was only 10 when everything happened. The captain of the royal guard saw the little omega without parents and grew sorry for him. He and his mate weren't able to get children so he asked the Sultan if he could have this child as his own. The Sultan have him permission and Keith grew up in Jafana as the omega son of Takashi Shirogane. years later the young sultan meets this young omega again and this story unfolds. ------ Arabian/Royal/ABO AU age difference but all legal and even more normal for the time this plays in. Keith is 18 Lance is 26 Alpha Beta Omega au but it isn't the main thing. I chose it so there won't be homophobia in this story. Alpha's always have male titles even if they are female, so Sir, Lord, King and Sultan Beta's titles are based on their gender Male or female. Omega's have female titles even if they are male, so Dame, lady, Queen and Sultana. There will be NSFW but you can always skip it easily if it makes you uncomfortable.

Chapter 1: 8 years earlier.

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by Ficteon