As Roses Drown
By HaleySulich
  • Horror
  • brother
  • curse
  • cursed
  • evil
  • ghost
  • haunted
  • haunting
  • horror
  • lgbt
  • lgbtfiction
  • paranormal
  • rose
  • rosewood
  • siblings
  • sister
  • spirit


Years ago, Victoria Morana moved far from Rosewood, her small, quiet hometown, to escape the unsettling events that seemed to curse her family, like her grandmother's sudden death and the strange symbols that keep appearing on her bedroom walls. Now 26, she lives in LA with her girlfriend and is on the verge of her big break in the film industry. But when her father dies under mysterious circumstances, she returns to Rosewood to piece together the truth she ran from. There, she encounters her estranged older brother Tristan. Victoria never understood why he refuses contact her, nor does she understand why that haunted gleam in his eyes only intensifies the longer she's in town. However, Victoria suspects Tristan knows more about their father's death than he lets on, and she's determined to dig up the truth. When her brother finally speaks up, he gives a warning: you are marked for death. To save herself, Victoria must uncover the secrets surrounding her childhood. But the more she learns, the more she suspects something much more sinister has been pulling the strings.

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As Roses...
by HaleySulich