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By TripleJxskittles
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Jessacob 'Jess' Fairwar is the a hybrid offspring of a werewolf and a witch. Growing up with two abandoned werewolves since the age of 4 and a witch,( his mother) the hybrid and his family have always moved around the world for reasons unknown since his mother only gave him the same reason whenever he asked 'We need the change until we find the right place.' he doesn't complain or ask any further after that. Another new school. another new town. Just another routine for this 'special' hybrid. Anthony McKay is the future alpha of the Black Knight pack. He's also Willow Hill High's regular bad boy, Jock and player sleeping with anything that has a skirt for he has no plan to look or find a 'Mate' in this life. A mate would only blind him and his reputation of a 'one night only' law. Problem? his Fathers tell him he's not going to inherit the pack if he continues with the foolish attitude and idiocy in his life. Another is he must find his mate as soon as possible for it might help him see the error of his ways. Does he care? Nope. For he knows the position is fit for him and only him. He might not go looking for his mate. His mate might not go looking for him. Doesn't mean faith woun't leap in for them. **Cover done by Rougehopes*** #550 in Werewolf

Chapter 1: New House .....New Town

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Mated to...
by TripleJxskittles