Two Scars, A Rainbo...
By JamesVick5
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This story follows the tale of a former Marine Captain named Damien Grey. He left the Marines in shame after half of his squad was gunned down in a valley in Afghanistan. He blames himself for not picking up the signs of danger and leading them straight to their deaths, including his childhood best friend Marcus. After the Marines, he retreated to his home city of Boston where he'd turned to hide away in his apartment. He often had nightmares about that day and heard Marcus' final words echo through his head. Damien was a special soldier tho and was a part of the Marines' most deadly unit in Afghanistan, The 21st MARSOC Division. They had a perfect record and always came back to base with mission accomplishment. This was done thanks to Damien's special cloaking suit that turned him invisible to the naked eye. This is why on a special day in late autumn he was approached by Team Rainbow Six's lead director Six who offered him a spot on the team and wanted his knowledge of the middle east to help in the location of a missing Marine that could hold key information on the worlds most deadly terrorist organization The White Masks. After not being in combat for many years this is all he dreamed of and took the offer. Little did he know that upon arrival at the base he would crack the shell on his sealed heart after meeting his roommate that had also recently been broken herself. He couldn't resist her scared personality and made it his first mission to do his best to heal her heart and after resisting at first a nightmare awoke her to the realization that she had fallen in love again. Now with them both a single thin wall apart they felt the one thing they'd never imagined ever feeling again, love for another person.

Chapter 1 Back to the barracks

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Two Scars...
by JamesVick5