The Glory That Is R...
By chestnutia
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Under the rule of Emperor Zeus, the Roman Empire has become wealthier and larger than ever, but not everyone benefits from the increased riches. Percy is irresponsible with money. Too bad he's only a fisherman. Annabeth is determined to avoid marriage. It's a pity her father can marry her off as many times as he wants. Jason is a poor plebeian trying to support his drunken mother. Piper is a lupa. Hazel wants to ride a horse back to her homeland of Egypt. Frank is part of the praetorian guard. Nico is weighed down by grief. Will is a physician. Leo is a blacksmith. Calypso is the mistress of a wealthy man, hoping one day to become his wife. This is a Percy Jackson AU. I own none of the characters.


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The Glory...
by chestnutia