her; billie eilish
By alllnightmarelong
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There are one hundred seventy-one thousand four hundred and seventy-six words in the Oxford English Dictionary and yet I can't even form a fragment of a sentence to describe her. - Amelia "Lia" Hunt swore off dating long ago when she decided she was going to become a doctor. Now that she's on a full-ride scholarship at the University of Southern California, she has to be more focused than ever. Besides, she was planning on staying in the closet her whole life, so romance was never in the cards for her... that was, until she meets the mysterious, unique singer that turns her life on its head. - achieved: #1 in bil #1 in bisexualfiction #1 in eilish #1 in lgbtfiction #1 in wlw #1 in billieeilishfanfiction #1 in billie

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her; bill...
by alllnightmarelong