You Should See Her...
By fuxkingharrry
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Olympia Beck Of House Talldon was raised by a King and Queen, her family small, but nevertheless, royalty. Harry Styles Of House Sallonia was raised by a King and Queen, far more powerful than any other, ruling over all kingdoms far and wide, controlling money, war, love, and keeping the peace. As the two kingdoms are forced to merge Olympia is said to marry Prince Harry, said to bridge the gap, mend the relationship between the two royal families, but Olympia has other plans. Plans burned into her by her father. Marry the boy. Make him fall in love with you. Kill him. Take the throne. COMPLETED!!! WARNING/// there will be sexual content, and violence, mention of suicide, and you will probably cry(;

Playlist, and Trailer.

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You Shoul...
by fuxkingharrry