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Y/N L/N Alpha-37 is the only sole survivor of the latest failed batch of Clone soldiers, hurriedly created to provide enough troops so the Galactic Republic can win the war that eats at its very foundations. Unfortunately, Y/N L/N isn't your average clone trooper. He is considered as one of the most defective ARC Troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic by the Kaminoans as he possessed no growth acceleration, the individuality of Jango Fett himself, a photographic memory and a different voice. He had already experienced events that young children should never experience at that age, and that mentally scarred him. Also, His size was made slightly larger than the future soldiers, leading to difficulties in wearing standard clone trooper armor. No matter what the orders are, He either agrees or disagrees with them directly and defies them to the point that he is very willing to kill anyone who stands in his way in completing the objectives. When he and his units are tasked to reinforce the Republic forces in the battle against the Separatists in Mygeeto They're sent with an additional objective to capture the power crystals on the energy collectors. A viscous and a brief battle was fought until a large green portal appeared out of nowhere and sucked both Republic and Separatists forces. Now transported a new world with new Allies and Foes, new timeline and in a new war, The Republic and the Separatists forces have to join different sides, fight to the death and finish the war they had started in the underbelly events of the Second European War. (PS: I don't own Star Wars or Valkyria Chronicles. Each of them belong to their respective owners.)

Character and Unit Information, 228th Black Ops Army.

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(Male Clo...
by ArmyGroupCenter