The Girl with No Ta...
By azzinoel
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • beyourself
  • courage
  • dreambig
  • plot
  • talent
  • twist
  • wattys2019


In a world where talent is praised upon, lives a girl that has no talent. Where she lives, a person with no talent is looked at as an outcast and a nobody. One day, her sister runs away from home in hopes of finding the door that leads to "another world". Mazzie goes on an adventure with her only friend to go and find that door for themselves, as well as save Venessa from a terrible fate. Along the way, Mazzie will face new enemies, new friends, and learn secrets that were never meant to be spilled. With all this going on, she hopes to find her true talent hidden within or else she will forever be known as the girl with no talent.

Chapter 1: The Past is in the Past

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The Girl...
by azzinoel