The Powerpuff Girls...
By wowie-wow1
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**Completed** The Powerpuff Girls have saved many days over the next two years. Finally, entering their first high school year with an oddly quiet summer, they bump into the Rowdyruff Boys. Not only them though, but Him makes his great return. And then that leaves three Punkz. Highest Ranking that I guess is cool idk: #1 in ppg *ACTUALLY SCREAMING ON THE INSIDE* Oh wow another ranking: #1 in ppgz ***** DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN PPGZ, PPG, OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THE CARTOON, ANIME, OR COMIC. THIS IS FOR FANFIC PURPOSES ONLY. EDIT: This was my first fanfic and it's full of mistakes, plot-holes, and the like. Basically it's cringe. How did it go on for so long. And I curse every 3 words someone stop this. IM BEING LEGIT HERE I SAY BITCH AND SHIT IN LITERALLY EVERY SENTENCE

Chapter 1: This Takes so Much Effort

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The Power...
by wowie-wow1