Spirits and Crowns...
By AWFrasier
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • adventure
  • bisexual
  • boyxboy
  • courtdrama
  • darkfantasy
  • diverselit
  • fantasy
  • fantasyromance
  • freethelgbt
  • gay
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • lgbtq
  • love
  • lowfantasy
  • mystery
  • newadult
  • paranormal
  • poc
  • romance
  • spiritual
  • supernatural


A royal bloodline gets divided by rebels' attempted regicide, casting Alvina from her throne and into hiding, as Quinn, the bastard brother, is forced to take her place. *** Alvina was supposed to be queen, but when her coronation is abruptly stopped by an explosion, she has to flee the country she called home. Missing an arm, a throne and half her sanity, Alvina has to find a way to get back to Andaheim, before the rebels drive her brother to an early grave. Quinn was just a bastard. But now with his sister Alvina's supposed passing, he has to be the king he never wanted to be. Struggling with catching up on politics, wanting to be a good king and not losing himself in the process, he has to figure out what's more important: his own integrity or his country. A North Atlantic 1920s Jazz era Fantasy.


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Spirits a...
by AWFrasier