The Van Helsing Res...
By theportraitofawoman
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Clara Grey was a hunter in life, a part of a secret organisation known only as the Tower. During the Roaring Twenties, this femme fatale flapper sacrificed herself to end the life of a powerful vampire. As a reward, she joined the ranks of Heaven's army, a foot soldier for the forces of good. For the past ninety years, Clara has been yearning to take an active role in what goes on in the mortal realm. In an attempt to alter the course of history, a group of scientists trigger an experiment with devastating results. These effects are felt not only in the mortal realm, but extended to other realms as well. Clara and an echo from her past are sent down to investigate the case of corrupted soul. For this transgression, Heaven could go to war, but the choice is made to send two lone warriors. Clara... Edith... they fall to Earth, intent on completing their missions. Both have been isolated from the mortal realm. In their lives, things that go bump in the night were on the decline, but they soon learn just how much the modern world has changed. While navigating this alien world, will they adapt to their surroundings to fulfil their mission? Or be swallowed up by the evil that lurks below? Before reading on, be sure to remember, that while the Roaring Twenties are long gone, a heroine's work is never done.


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The Van H...
by theportraitofawoman