Soul for Soul
By Dream_Writer11
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"How?!" "Remember, every action comes with a price" "What does that mean?!" "Soul for soul" *~*~*~*~ Wealthy popular twenty year old Tristan Parker had the best life any person could dream of. He had everything at the tip of his fingers with his parents running a multimillion industry. Everything went down the drain for him when he lost his parents to cancer. It was terrible to watch them lay lifeless on the hospital bed with tubes connected to their bodies. It was during those times he searched for a miracle and fate lead him to sophia collins, the solution. Sophia collins was a young bullied girl that lived next to him. At least that was what the people thought. It was hard to pick if she knew what she was doing or she had no idea of her capabilities. He tried his best to gain her trust but what finally happens when love goes wrong and she wasn't who he thought she was?


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Soul for...
by Dream_Writer11