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Sasha Swedenburg is nothing like the 'other girls' and is constantly reminded of that by everyone in her life. With a boyish style and sick skills on the court, Sasha is the opposite of what her strict religious parents wanted in their only daughter of five children. However that doesn't deter her when it comes to being true to who she is, even if that means breaking a few rules. Sasha is used to being a goody goody, but with one year left and a new school in a new city, Sasha's life is turned upside down. First, when she meets Lux Connelly. A sweet, pretty girl that latches on her from the first day of school. Everyone wants a piece of Lux, and is willing to bargain for her love; But she has her eye on one person, Sasha. Sasha is too caught up in her own world to notice, however cupid isn't stupid when it strikes her with not only puppy love, but confusion about a sexuality she never knew she had. Follow Sasha on her journey, as for once she's not allowing her toxic family to ruin her last year of high school. She's determined to have it her way - will she find love that is meant for her, or continue to be the girl that everyone wants her to be.


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by Bretaughtyou