Broken Binding
By HeatedErotica
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Camari thought she had it all, her life was perfect. She had a husband, her job nothing else seemed to be missing. However her husband was holding a dark secret, and one night that secret came back for revenge, as she woke to two men in her room she screamed and kicked but could not escape them, only to find herself held for ransom. Only her kidnappers, Axel and Ben failed to notice her husband had moved on, he was leaving her so refused to pay the ransom and told them to just finish her. Within a week, Axel and Camari grew closer, only Ben thought it was best if they removed her from their lives, holding his gun he fought against Axel. After the heated fight Axel told him a plan, Camari sat listening, what would she do? She had no life anymore, no husband, no home, nothing. Would the offer of been their partner in crime and Axel's slave appeal to her? One thing for sure, she knew she couldn't go back to her life, so what other option did she have? Scenes of BDSM nature and mature throughout.

Happy Illusion

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Broken Bi...
by HeatedErotica